Explore the Most Underrated Historic Cities – Hidden Gems of Germany


Germany is a country that has shaped the world in various ways. However, the country is still etched in the shadows of its tragic history. After the wars, Germany pushed through with modern and scientific developments and has managed to create a reputation that has subdued its past history. Nevertheless, if you look at Germany’s history, there were times painted with the glorious essence of numerous influences such as Roman, Prussian, Celtics, and French. They all have left their imprint on Germany in form of old historic townships, old rustic architecture which in present-day are amazing to visit if you are a history buff. You might have heard about Berlin and Frankfurt but what about Trier and Aachen? Check out these top 5 underrated historic cities that the history lover and offbeat wanderlust in you will love to visit.


Tucked away in the Southwest of Germany in the Moselle wine region, Trier can trace its roots back to the 16th century. This charming city has served as the capital of both the Roman and German empires and is well-known to history buffs for being the birthplace of Karl Marx. In addition to history, you will find a variety of exciting attractions, natural sights, and relaxing spots when you visit Trier. Some of this charming town’s most impressive features include its Roman remains, such as the Porta Nigra, Cathedral of Trier, and the Aula Palatina. The Trier Imperial Baths deserve a special mention – they are the last remaining structures of the grandest Roman Baths in Europe. Trier is also an excellent weekend getaway spot and you can combine it with one of the public holidays in Germany and spend a few days here.

Trier Germany


In Germany, each city is unique in its own way, and Aachen is regarded as one of the most underrated cities to visit in Germany. Cradled along the borders of Belgium and the Netherlands, this spa town offers plenty of historic attractions and amazing views, along with a relaxing ambiance. One of the most mesmerizing hidden gems in Germany, Aachen was once the famous residence of Charlemagne. The city has witnessed the coronation of more than 30 German kings in the past. Today, it is known for its famous hot springs and spas. With its gorgeous scenic views and relaxing vibes, Aachen is the perfect place for a romantic getaway in Germany. Also, it strikes a seamless balance between the old and new, making it one of the best cities to visit if you want to enjoy less crowded nightlife spots and explore the city without the usual hassles. Aachen would be a great choice if you want to visit a German city that has ancient roots and also a vibrant nightlife.

Aachen Hidden Gems Germany


A city in Hesse, Wiesbaden has antique architecture and rich history. This city’s proximity to Frankfurt makes it an ideal day trip or weekend getaway. Known as the ‘Nice of the North’, the state in Germany is another incredible place to explore spas and thermal springs. The settlement of the city dates back to the Neolithic era making it one of the most unique places to visit in Germany. The many architectural wonders of the city will leave you speechless, especially the stunning Church of the Marktkirche, built in the 19th century and adorned with soaring spires. Take the opportunity to ride the Nerobergbahn – a unique water-powered funicular – one of the very few remaining in the world. The ride takes you to the peak of Neroberg from where the view of the city is breathtaking to watch. Neroberg also has some amazing nature trails to enjoy for outdoor adventure enthusiasts.

Wiesbaden Hidden Gems Germany


Regensburg is ranked as one of the most beautiful places to visit in Germany. Among the old cities in Germany, Regensburg stands out for its Bavarian charms and fairytale castles. The city is quite famous as a river cruise destination because of its proximity to the Danube, Regen, and Naab Rivers. UNESCO has declared the city’s old medieval town a world heritage site, and it is awash in old churches and charming houses. A trip to Regensburg should not be completed without visiting the Cathedral of Regensburg. Set along the Stone Bridge from the 12th century, and structured with towering spires and stained glass art, the church is breathtakingly beautiful to view. The olden world charms that span centuries have left their mark on this township which is peppered with some of the most breathtaking Roman and Gothic era structures.

Regensburg Hidden Gems Germany


Koblenz is a cozy township set on the edge of Rhine and Moselle. With its history dating back to the 16th century, this German city remains one of the best destinations to visit. In addition to being one of the prettiest towns in the Rhineland, it is also known for the beautiful German Corner (Deutsches Eck ) – a stunning place that stands at the confluence of the Moselle and Rhine rivers. The view from this area is a sight to behold! Koblenz’s cobblestone alleyways and picturesque squares, elaborate with fountains and buildings, are a wonderful place to stroll and explore the city. The best way to see Koblenz city from a bird’s eye view is to ride the cable car to the top of the fortress of Ehrenbreitstein – another scenic landmark of this region. This charming town comes alive during Christmas when the whole city transforms into a magical township and the Christmas Markets are quite a feast for the senses. The city is well connected by train to other German cities and can be easily included as a day tour excursion, especially from Cologne.

Koblenz Hidden Gems Germany


There are many more such hidden gems peppered all over Germany. For instance, you can easily plan a visit in the Spreewald which is just on the outskirts of Berlin or even head to Mainau Island at Lake Constance for a visually pleasing experience in nature. Quaint German townships like Trier, Koblenz and Aachen are just a small sample of the old-world charms Germany offers. Those who look closer and veer away from Germany’s main popular cities will find many more enchanting places to visit.

German cities are filled with a mix of old vibes and a vibrant ambiance to give you a charming German experience. It’s impossible to choose just one.

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