Comprehensive Overview Of Schengen Transit Visa- Application And Requirements

Schengen visa

If you are entering Schengen territory to connect or change means of transport, you need a Schengen transit visa. The Schengen Authority requires you to obtain a transit visa for Schengen countries to enter the border of the zone. There are two types of transit Schengen visas:

  1. Airport Transit Schengen Visa
  2. Seafarer Transit Schengen Visa

Airport Transit Schengen Visa

Airport Transit Visa

A Schengen airport transit visa enables the holder to enter Schengen territory and change flights at a Schengen airport. It allows them to wait in the international transit area of a Schengen country’s airport for their connecting flight to their targeted country.

The visa does not allow the holder to leave the international transit area of the airport, even if he or she has to wait overnight. But, in cases where you have to change flights within the Schengen area, you can avail of the airport transit visa rather than apply for a regular Schengen visa.

Airport Transit Visa and Transit Visa

An airport transit visa is a permit that allows you to travel through the international transit zone of the Schengen airport without entering the Schengen area, whereas a transit visa allows you to transit within less than five days via more than one country by car, plane, or coach to your final non-Schengen country.

Who needs an Airport Transit Visa?

You must obtain a Schengen airport transit visa if you hold:

An ordinary passport or special passport issued by:
Afghanistan, Bangladesh, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, or Sri Lanka

An ordinary passport issued by
Angola, Bolivia, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Chad, Côte d’Ivoire, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, India, Mali, Mauritania, Nepal, and the Philippines
(This includes exceptions in the cases of seafarers holding a book of the seaman by international conventions.)
the Republic of Guinea, the Republic of the Congo, and Russia
(If you are travelling from an airport located in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Turkey, or Egypt)

  1. A service passport held by the Republic of Guinea
  2. A travel document for Palestinian refugees
  3. A travel document for Palestinian refugees by the

Exemption from airport transit visa

  1. for the holders of diplomatic passports.
  2. For citizens or family members of the EU/EEA or Switzerland
  3. For the holders of a valid Schengen visa, a member state of the European Union or the European Economic Area, Canada, Japan, or the United States.
  4. For the holder of a valid residency permit issued by a Schengen state, member state of the European Union, or economic area,
  5. For the members of the flight crew who are nationals of a contracting party to the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation.

Documents required for an airport transit visa

The following are the airport Schengen transit visa requirements:

Schengen transit visa application form, which is fully completed, duly signed, and printed.

  • Two recent passport-size photographs taken within the last three months
  • A valid passport containing at least two blank pages and must be no older than ten years in validity.
  • Proof of your onward journey to your final destination, like return flight tickets or a visa issued by the final country
  • Travel health insurance covers any medical emergencies.
  • Receipt of the paid visa fee

Transit Schengen visa for seafarers

A transit Schengen visa for seafarers is specified for sailors to disembark at one of the Schengen seaports. This allows them to leave their ship in the Schengen zone and remain there for a limited period until they get their next means of transport to their final destination.

Who needs a transit Schengen visa for seafarers?

If you are a national of a third-world country that is applicable for visa requirements and you intend to:

  • Join a ship that is in a Schengen port.
  • Transfer from one ship to another that is berthed in a Schengen port
  • Disembark due to sickness, repatriation, family emergencies, or the end of the contract.

Documents required for a transit Schengen visa for seafarers

The following are the Schengen transit visa requirements:

  1. Schengen transit visa application form duly filled out and signed by you
  2. Two recent passport-size photographs that meet the Schengen photo guidelines
  3. Original and photocopy of Seaman’s book
  4. Copies of passport data pages that include your details
  5. A letter from the inviting shipping company issued by the Schengen shipping company
  6. Travel medical insurance covers all medical emergencies.
  7. Flight reservation (if any and applicable)
  8. employment contract with the navigation company
  9. Receipt of the paid visa fee

How do I apply for a Schengen transit visa?

Follow the below steps to apply for a Schengen transit visa:

  1. Check your eligibility for the visa.
  2. Complete and print the application form.
  3. Obtain the necessary documents.
  4. Schedule an appointment and attend to submit the necessary documents.
  5. Pay for the fee (the fee is subject to change).

If you are required to obtain a Schengen transit visa, then make sure to apply at least 15 days before your intended travel date. In the case of uncertainty, you can always check the information for your Schengen transit visa online or consult an expert to obtain your transit visa.

A transit visa is mandatory for those nationals who fall under the visa-must countries. The process is quite simple and easy, but to obtain it without any rejection, you must follow the correct process.

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