Affordable European Vacations – Here’s How You Can Travel Cheap All Over Europe

cheapest way to travel the Schengen Area

Snow-clad mountains, icy blue rivers and lakes, lush green fields and forests, historical structures that shaped the world, magnificent metropolitan cities, and wonderful people and infrastructure, it’s no wonder so many people want to vacation in Europe. The only thing stopping them is money. A European holiday can be quite expensive. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. Travelling Europe on a budget is possible and the following blog will show you how!

Travel By Cheap Airlines

Now, cheap airlines sound like an oxymoron. How can flights be cheap? They are in Europe. Unlike the rest of the Western world, Europe actually has budget airlines that take people around in other Schengen countries. These airlines are just as safe as any other airlines and their ticket prices are very affordable.

Of course, while buying cheap airline tickets to Europe, you also must make a few smart moves on your part. For example, for the best prices, you must buy your tickets much earlier. Last-minute tickets are expensive and try to use incognito mode or VPNs while searching for flights. There are apps as well that will help you book cheap flights. These airlines do not provide a lot of amenities. The leg room in their planes also tends to be limited, so be ready for a little bit of discomfort. But in the end, if you can travel anywhere in Europe by air for as little as 10 to 20 Euros, it’s worth it.

Travel Through Trains


One of the best ways to budget travel is by getting tickets for the cheapest trains in Europe. Train travel is quite popular in the continent, and with many Schengen countries being connected together through rail, it is a great option for cheap travel. Of course, most expensive train tickets are full of amenities and experiences, but if you are willing to look beyond those, there are some good cheap train ticket options that can even take you from country to country.

The key to getting cheap tickets is booking them early. The train ticket system in Europe is such that tickets are released in bulk and if you buy early, you will get the best prices, but as more people keep buying, the more expensive it becomes. Therefore, buy them early. These tickets are also inflexible so you cannot make changes to the travel dates.

You will have to research the train tickets from different Schengen countries and carefully plan your travel accordingly to save money on the tickets. But the best option for travelling through Europe without spending too much is Eurail. Eurail has passes that are flexible and cheap, plus, bulk buying the passes can also save you some money if you have friends and family travelling with you.

Travel Through Bus

Possibly the cheapest way to travel in Germany and other Schengen countries, bus travel is another option you should consider. Though they may not be quick and as comfortable as a train or a plane, they are quite cheap and you can save loads of money that you can use to make your European trip more enjoyable.

However, not every bus company is the same. The difference in prices also compromises punctuality and services. Some bus tickets are priced very affordably but the buses may not run on time. Some bus companies that offer great connectivity may not be flexible on cancellations. So, you have to choose the one that suits you most. Some apps let you compare prices, so you can use these to choose what’s important to you. However, it is strongly recommended that you shouldn’t focus on punctuality. Instead, go for the best prices, routes, and conveniences like easy cancellations.

Travel Through Rideshare Apps

Another cheapest way to travel in Germany and other Schengen countries is through rideshare apps. Technology has come a long way and it is making life easy for people in ways never thought of before and ridesharing apps are one such thing that is making life easy and cheap.

How these works is people heading towards a particular direction get matched up with people looking to go in the same direction. So, you are buying a seat in someone’s car along with a few others headed in the same direction. Now, this may sound unsafe but the app has a few safety features like rating systems built in that rate both driver and passenger to ensure only the right people are a part of the app. The seat prices are quite affordable and soon, this way might become the cheapest way to travel across Europe

Now that you know about the cheapest way to tour Europe, you should choose the method which suits you the best, or you can even mix and match different ways of transport. But you have to be careful about your safety, and the safety of your loved ones. So, make the right choices for travel. You can also book tours by professional touring companies that offer great prices. This is also a good and cheap way to see and enjoy stunning Europe.

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