Germany to Introduce More Visa Options in 2024

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It is good news for people looking forward to working and settling in the European country of Germany. The country has been welcoming skilled workers for quite some time. However, those who have applied for a Germany visa know how difficult it is to actually get a Germany resident visa or even a Germany tourist visa. Besides being complex, the process is time-consuming and takes several months. As Germany needs new skilled workers, the government of the country has proposed certain changes and new visa options that will open the doors to more people keen on settling in this country. Here you will get to know all about the policies of Germany news immigration 2024.

Reduction of Delays in the Immigration Process of Skilled Workers

One of the requirements for obtaining a work visa in Germany is to ensure that your qualification is recognized in the country. For this, applicants must submit certified translated documents that provide German recognition to their degree. However, the federal government is all set to remove this requirement, as it is said to cause a 3-4 month delay in the visa process. If this law is approved, the onus of checking the applicant’s educational qualifications and professional experiences will be on the employer, not the immigration office. This will definitely shorten the duration of the visa process.

Opportunity or Chance Card for Job Seekers

Germany offers a job seeker visa, which allows one to enter Germany to look for a job. This visa usually lasts for 6 months and can be converted into a work visa when the person finds a job. The government of Germany plans to upgrade this visa and add an “opportunity or chance card” to it. This is based on a points system, where the applicant will receive additional points based on age, qualifications, work experience, and German language proficiency. People who get the opportunity card with their job seeker’s visa will be allowed to stay in Germany for one year while seeking employment in the country.

Germany Citizen by Investment

Now it is possible to attain German citizenship by investment; in short, by starting a business in the country. Although the investment does not grant you direct citizenship, it does make the process quicker and easier. Popularly known as the Germany Golden Visa program, it is actually a self-employment or entrepreneurial visa. To get this visa, you need to have a solid business plan, good business experience, and the ability to prove that the business will make a positive impact on Germany’s economy. With this visa, you can live and run your business in Germany and apply for permanent residency after 3 years and citizenship after 7 years.

Blue Card for Skilled Workers

The blue card is a Germany visa offered to individuals with a degree and experience in academic professions. However, the German government has also decided to extend this card to skilled workers with vocational training. In short, truck drivers, construction experts, cooks, energy technicians, etc., will also be eligible for this card. Moreover, workers with specific skills will be allowed to work in another sector or profession. For example, a cook could work in the logistics industry.

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Easier Family Visas

Another plan made by the German government is to make family visas easier to attain. This law makes it easier for skilled workers with a Germany visa to bring their family members to the country. The family members will not have to prove their German language proficiency to enter the country.

Residency Rights for Tolerated People

There is some happy news for refugees seeking residency status in Germany. Refugees with the rejected application status but not deported due to varied reasons like serious illness, lack of travel documents, or threat in their home country carry the status of tolerated people. The German government has proposed a new law where people living under the tolerated status for more than five years will be given an opportunity residency with a validity of one year. Individuals have to ensure that they fulfill all the criteria for permanent residency in this one year.

Dual Citizenship

One of the most awaited Germany news immigration is that of dual citizenship. Germany offers dual citizenship to citizens of countries that belong to the European Union and Switzerland. All other nationals must give up the citizenship of their home country to become legal citizens or passport holders of Germany. However, this rule is all set to change. The current German government is in the process of transforming the law so that people can hold on to their original citizenship while becoming citizens of Germany. Also, the law will make it possible to apply for German citizenship five years after becoming a permanent resident, rather than the current duration of eight years.


Along with the Germany immigration news mentioned above, the government of Germany also plans to strengthen the existing procedures and systems to make the visa application process faster and more seamless. One of the most radical changes is the acceptance of documents in English without the need for translation.

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