Sylt: All You Need to Know About the Most Famous Island in Germany

Sylt Island in Germany

Sylt is Germany’s fourth largest island, shaped like a small strip in the Schleswig Holstein Wadden Sea National Park, covering an area of 99 square kilometers. On the eastern side is the North Sea and on the Western side is the Wadden Sea. Sylt Germany Island, also known as the “Queen of the North Sea”, is a famous destination for water sports fans and food lovers. There are endless white beaches, outlying dunes, and wildlife. The island also has no dearth of spa resorts that boast good quality wellness treatments.

The long white shores of sandy beaches attract surfers, swimmers, and sunbathers to the island. Visitors are dazzled by the sight of wild rose blooms and the picturesque landscape of thatched roof cottages amidst the tall grass. The cool breeze and an explosion of color in the sky and water during sunset make you fall in love with the beautiful surroundings.

Must- See Attractions on Sylt Island

Sylt Island

It involves more than just lazing on the beach in the heat or playing golf on one of the island’s courses. Sylt has many other highlights including the following:

  • Wadden Sea- It is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site that shouldn’t be missed. Discover the mussels, crabs, prawns, and starfish revealed by receding tides and several migrating birds.
  • Sylt Aquarium – Explore the 500,000 liters of Coral World exhibit or take 360 degrees to walk through an acrylic tunnel to look at the fish and plants native to the North Sea.
  • Denghoog – Enter this five-thousand-year-old burial cave made of Ice Age stones to catch a glimpse of the past.
  • Uwe Dune- Hike the 110 steps to visit the high viewing deck and look at the majestic landscape.
  • Ellenbogen Sanctuary- Escape into a natural space filled with grasses, a lighthouse, a surfing school, and other exciting beach activities.

Food in Sylt

Dining in Sylt is a paradise for food lovers. Restaurants range from beach side bistros to Michelin-starred establishments. Sylt’s natural surroundings provide a setting, while fresh island seafood takes center stage on the menu. North Sea sole and Sylt Royal oysters are two of the island’s best-known dishes. You can sample a variety of island fare at:

  • Samoa Seepferdchen – Located among the Rantum dunes at Sylt’s narrowest point, Samoa Seepferdchen offers magnificent views of both the Wadden Sea and the North Sea. The heated outside dining area provides an excellent vantage point. You may spend an evening watching the sunset while savoring an outstanding feast of pan-fried North Sea sole.
  • Buhne 16 Beach Bistro – This iconic Kampen diner features beachfront patio tables and fresh-caught seafood. You don’t even have to leave the beach to get together with pals for a meal and a few drinks. You could even see a few longboard surfers surfing the waves while you dine.

Shopping in Sylt

Sylt offers comparable retail alternatives to mainland competitors. The streets are lined with upscale retailers like Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and Bulgari, as well as art galleries, shops, and cafés. The primary shopping district in Westerland is the pedestrian zone along Friedrichstrasse. The Kampen’s response to retail therapy is the Stronwai. Although this lovely island has a population of twenty thousand Sylters, over half of the territory is protected as a natural reserve. Sylt mixes old and contemporary without losing the island’s attractions, from sophisticated metropolitan resorts to rural thatched homes.

How to Get to Sylt Island Germany

Sylt Island

You can travel to Sylt via rail, boat, or airplane. You can travel using your automobile but you cannot simply drive and reach the island.

  • Train – The last section of your journey will be by rail if you’re travelling by land to Sylt. The Hindenburgdamm, an 11 km causeway that handles rail traffic from the German mainland, is the island’s only land link. For the round journey from Niebull to Westerland, you may drive your car with up to three passengers for about 85€.
  • Boat – Sylt Ferry service connects Havneby on Romo Island with List in northern Sylt all year. You may either take your car aboard the boat and drive to Sylt, or you can go as a walk-on passenger. The cost is around 8€ per car and 48€ per adult passenger, with reductions available for round journeys.
  • Plane – For traveling to the island abroad planes link with local carriers. Lufthansa has daily flights from Hamburg, Munich, and Frankfurt to Sylt. Airberlin operates flights from Berlin and Düsseldorf. Keep an eye out for seasonal fluctuations in airline schedules.

Getting around the Sylt Island

You may load up your kitesurfing gear and simply drive the entire length of the island if you bring your car. On Sylt, though, you can get around without a car,walking could be a pleasant choice, depending on where you travel and stay. Another popular mode of transportation is renting a bike. For a close-up look at the island’s gems, Sylt’s paved bike trails through the dunes, along the beaches, and over the heath. Buses used for public transportation are also available to take you on island excursions.

The Best Time to Visit Sylt Island

A bulk of people arrive during the peak season in summer. The beach starts to rise in May, peaks in July and August, and then begins to fall as winter approaches in October. In the height of summer, typical daily temperatures rarely exceed 25 to 27 degrees Celsius. The holiday season dominates island festivities.

Special Events

Sylt’s events schedule gathers momentum as the island thrives from winter and begins to heat up. In addition to regular entertainment and outdoor musical events on the promenade, the island activities program includes the following:

  • German Polo Masters
  • Windsurf World Cup
  • Kitesurf World Cup
  • Wine Festival

Gourmet Safari during the annual Gourmet Festival deserves special note. Participants are transported from location to location to experience wines and gastronomic wonders from Germany’s finest vintners and chefs.

Where to Stay?

Sylt has long been recognized as a celebrity escape and has its fair share of luxury resorts. However, it also welcomes campers, trekkers, and families and has lodgings to suit all budgets.


Sylt Island is a wonderful place with so much scenic beauty that it is hard to miss. You can even enjoy the top Attractions in Kiel that are around a 2.5 hour drive from here. Sylt island is the most expensive travel destination in Germany. Be prepared for the high prices everywhere you go. However, do not let this hamper your plan to visit one of the most amazing islands that Germany has to offer!

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