10 Extremely Marvelous And UNESCO World Heritage Castles In Germany

Germany Castles

It was difficult to choose Germany’s most stunning castles from among the 20,000 palaces, forts, and manors that the nation is home to. Germany has a history spanning more than 2,000 years, so it had sufficient time to construct castles. Meersburg Castle, which was constructed in the seventh century, is the oldest in the nation. The following list of some of the most beautiful castles in Germany as well as palaces includes many that were constructed or restored in the 18th & 19th centuries. Most of them feature the peculiar fairy-tale style that served as Walt Disney’s inspiration. German castles, whether Romanesque, Renaissance, Baroque, or even Rococo, exude a strong romantic aura and are some of the most beautiful places to visit in Germany. If you wish to explore these castles apply for your Germany Visa, to be more precise Germany Tourist Visa right away.

Explore Castles in Germany

1. Lichtenstein Castle

Lichtenstein Castle Germany

The fairy-tale castle of the Württemberg in fact is a common description of Lichtenstein Castle, which is true to its magnificent Gothic Revival design (a historical German territory). It was constructed in the 19th century and is tucked away at the top of a 250-meter-high cliff that looks out over the Echaz River & the community of Honau. It stands proudly in all its glory and is one of the most splendid places to visit in Germany. The castle, which is now privately owned, is open for 30-minute guided tours only in German. You can still take the tour & read the English pamphlet, though. It is important to remember that thus castle is smaller in size than it appears in the pictures in order to prevent disappointment. The name Lichtenstein Castle may be deceptive, but it has nothing to do with Liechtenstein, the tiny principality that lies between Austria & Switzerland.

2. Charlottenburg Palace

Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin

Charlottenburg Palace, earlier a royal summer palace, and its vast grounds are today a popular tourist destination in Berlin, one of the best cities to visit in Germany. The palace’s architecture and interior design combine Baroque and Rococo styles; it was first constructed around the end of the 17th century. You may find out more information about the royal and imperial dynasties of Germany at the museum and exhibition galleries. At the front desk, a complimentary English audio guide always is offered. A wonderful place to stop is the Palace Garden Café within the Small Orangery.

3. Schloss Drachenburg

Schloss Drachenburg, Germany

A magnificent Baroque royal mansion on a forested hill overlooking the Rhine River, Schloss Drachenburg was constructed at the closing of 19th century via the recently elevated Baron Stephan von Sarter. The castle is currently a governmental asset. Schloss Drachenburg is truly worth a visit because of its exquisite interiors, abundance of adjacent walking trails, and charming fairy-tale architecture. On the road heading to the castle, there are two eateries.

4. Nordkirchen Palace

Nordkirchen Palace, Germany

Nordkirchen Palace, sometimes referred to as “Versailles of Westphalia,” was constructed in the early 18th century, nearly a century after its French counterpart. The largest palace & estate in Westphalia, it stands in the middle of a 170-hectare park. While the garden is open to wander through, access to the interior requires an appointment. The garden at Nordkirchen Palace is an exceptionally lovely area to stroll, featuring Baroque & English landscaping, an orangery, a pheasantry, a labyrinth, and old trees.

5. Zwinger Palace

Zwinger Palace Dresden Old Town

A majestic building located just north of the Dresden Old Town is called the Zwinger Palace. It was formerly utilized by the Dresden Court as an orangery and exhibition gallery, but it is now a complex of three museums. The Dresden Porcelain Collections, the Old Masters Picture Gallery, & the Royal Cabinet of Mathematical & Physical Instruments are all located here. One of Dresden’s most visited sights, it was constructed in a beautiful Baroque style and has a sizable garden with fountains. To obtain a panoramic view of the palace and the northern portion of the city, head to a rooftop café & restaurant.

6. Wartburg Castle

Wartburg Castle is a popular UNESCO World Heritage site

Wartburg Castle is one of the most magnificent historical landmarks in Germany. This location holds a great historical significance because Martin Luther translated Bible’s New Testament here into German. The majestic Wartburg Castle is perched 410 meters above the ground. Its interiors were refurbished in the 19th century after being constructed between the 12th and the 15th centuries. It has a museum with a variety of art collections and is a popular UNESCO World Heritage site. There are English-speaking tour guides available, and there is a wide range of affordable dining options.

7. Schwerin Castle

Schwerin Castle Germany

On a beautiful island in Schweriner Lake stands the magnificent, opulent noble mansion known as Schwerin Castle. Throughout its lengthy history, which dates back to 10th century, the castle was extensively restored. Even though it currently serves as the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern federal state’s parliament building, a sizable portion of its elegantly furnished interiors is a museum. There are English audio guides available. A few eateries are also located close to the castle grounds.

8. Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg Castle Germany

Heidelberg Castle is a magnificent structure that towers over Heidelberg Old Town that is from the north part of Königstuhl hillside, despite being substantially destroyed. The sandstone’s warm color distinctions with the surrounding forest’s lush greenery. On the courtyard front of the Ottheinrich Building, one of the earliest palace structures of the German Renaissance, are magnificent statues. The beautiful German Apothecary Museum, the dining establishment, and a lovely garden are all located on the castle grounds. If you wish to view the inside, take an English-speaking guided tour. It is undoubtedly one of the top historic places to visit in Germany.

9. Hohenzollern Castle

Hohenzollern Castle Germany

Hohenzollern Castle was constructed in the middle of the 19th century on the remains of two earlier castles and is located at the summit of Mount Hohenzollern within the southwest of Germany. At the entryway, it has military architecture, and the opulent portion has Gothic Revival architecture. The magnificent interior ornamentation and vistas of the neighboring neighborhoods are also spectacular. Hohenzollern Castle is truly a must-see with two restaurants, inexpensive English-language guided tours, and gift stores.

10. Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle

An outstanding Romanesque Revival building from the nineteenth century is the Neuschwanstein Castle. It is located adjacent the Austrian border, tucked at the peak of a steep hill. Walt Disney was inspired to build the Magic Kingdom by the castle. It is amid the most recognized castles in Europe because of the picturesque surroundings and the beauty of the building itself. The duration of the guided tours is 35 minutes, however you should prepare to walk numerous steps and wear sturdy footwear. Unfortunately, taking pictures within the castle is not permitted.

Wrapping Up

Without visiting a few castles, you have not really experienced Europe, and Germany has no shortage of stunning, recognizable castles, most of them located in underrated historic cities in Germany. To begin your own imperial adventure, pick a castle from the list of top castles in Germany stated above.

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