Germany Visa Extension: All You Need to Know about Extending Germany Tourist Visa

Germany visa

Germany is one of the countries in the world that attracts a large number of visitors. Thanks to its blend of rich culture, fairytale castles, medieval villages, welcoming people, beautiful landscape, good health care facilities, and advanced education. You need to know about types of Germany visa that best suits your travel purpose and to ensure you plan your Germany trip right. Those looking to enter the country for a short period can do so by applying for a Schengen visa that is valid for 90 days within a 180 days period. However, upon arrival, many realize that thirty days is not enough to enjoy this beautiful country. Those seeking medical treatment realize that they need more time to complete their therapy, while businessmen realize they need more time to finish their projects.

In fact, visa extension is the major concern for most people when it comes to their extended stay in Germany. Whether you are a tourist wanting to experience more of Germany or a businessman who has to attend meetings or conferences after the expiry of your visa, the Embassy might not extend your stay after your German tourist visa has expired. So, if you don’t know how to get your visa renewed or extended, simply read on this dedicated guide.

Prerequisites for Germany Visa Extension

The first thing you need to decide is why you wish to apply for a visa extension. Getting a visa extension is quite difficult. However, it is possible to get your Germany visa extended under the following circumstances:

1. Humanitarian Grounds: It can be due to any medical emergency when the applicant requires immediate treatment or attend a funeral.

2. Force Majeure: Force majeure means an act of God. It is due to unforeseen scenarios beyond the applicant’s control, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, non-availability of flights, natural disasters, or strikes in an area.

3. Personal Reasons: Individuals looking to extend their visas for personal reasons need a valid reason for doing so. For example, urgent business or professional reasons not foreseen before entry into Germany.

4. Late Entry: This indicates your late entry into the Federal Republic of Germany or any other Schengen state.

Application Process for Visa Extension

If you wish to stay in Germany for more time than your visa permits, you will have to submit a visa extension application form along with a few valid documents. You may have to attend a short interview as to why you are applying for a visa extension, wherein you can convince your interviewer about your urgency to extend your visa.

Where to Apply for Your Visa Extension Germany?

You must submit your visa extension application at the service point of the Foreigner’s Registration Office, closest to where you are presently residing in Germany. The foreigner’s authority is the only authority that can decide on an extension of a visa during a visit to Germany.

Documents Required for Visa Extension Germany

If you are applying for an extension of your Germany visa, then you will need the following documents:

  • Passport with a valid visa and in date
  • One photograph according to ICAO standards
  • Power of Attorney with Passport or Personal ID Document
  • Duly filled out visa extension application form Germany (Antrag auf Verlangerung eines Schengen Visums)
  • Proof of Income – Proof of sufficient funds means (Bank statement or three most recent wage slips) that you can support yourself during your extension period.
  • Proof of Health Insurance Cover – Make sure that your travel health insurance will be valid for the duration of your extended stay in Germany. Accidents and acute illnesses must be covered by insurance.
  • Other Documentation – In case the visa is issued for business or any other professional reason, documents for the same must be provided accordingly.

Some documents may vary depending on your purpose of the extension of your stay in Germany. For example, if you are looking to extending your stay in Germany due to a college function in or for the purpose of course completion, you must include essential supporting documents such as the letter of acceptance from the university.

You must compile all the documents needed to be submitted along with your application. If any document or supporting document is missing, or your Germany visa photographs are not as per the specification, your application may get rejected.

Submitting Your Application

Schedule an appointment for your interview. You need to bring a printout of your application at the time of your interview. In rare instances, you need to submit your application in person.

Germany extension visa

Time Taken to Process your Visa Extension Request

Once all the required documents are submitted, your application will be forwarded to the Aliens’ Authority competent for your intended place of residence in Germany. Applications take about 1-3 months to process. You can stay in Germany during the time your application is being processed. However, you will not be allowed to travel to other Schengen countries.

Fiktionsbescheinigung (Temporary Proof of visa)

In case you need to travel outside Germany during the time your visa extension application is being processed, you cannot re-enter Germany if you do not have a valid visa. In this case, you can register for a Fiktionsbescheinigung before leaving Germany. This is a temporary proof of your visa and it works the same way as a valid visa does. It shows that you are staying in Germany legally and can freely travel to and from the country.

Germany Visa Extension Fee

Based on the reasons that you have mentioned in your visa extension application, you may or may not have to pay a fee. You will not have to pay any fees if you have applied for an extension based on:

  • Force majeure reasons
  • Humanitarian reasons

You will have to pay a fee if you have applied for an extension due to:

  • Personal reasons
  • Late entry

The fees mentioned above are valid for a first-time extension. If you wish to apply for a second visa extension, the fee will be 60 Euros for adults and 30 Euros for minors.

Overstaying your Germany Visa allowance of 90 to 180 days is not devoid of consequences. Remaining in the country after the expiry period of your visa is considered to be a criminal or administrative offence. This can lead to legal problems. The German authorities do not warn you of the approaching expiry date of your visa. You need to be aware of the dates. And you must apply to extend your visa extension at least 30 days before it ends. It is important to note that a German visa that is already expired cannot be extended.

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