Germany Visa Photographs: Photo Requirements for Germany Visa

Visa Photo for Germany

People who want to travel to Germany, need to apply for a Germany visa, also known as a Schengen visa. The Schengen visa is a common visa for visiting 26 European countries, including Germany. While applying for a visa, you need to submit a list of documents and also attend a visa interview. The documents you submit are extremely important, as an incorrect document can lead to visa rejection.

One of the things that you need to submit while applying for a Germany tourist visa is your photograph. Submitting 2 passport- size photographs may seem quite straightforward. However, there are certain rules or requirements you need to follow while submitting the photographs. Not following these photo size requirements for Germany visa can lead to the rejection of your visa application.

Requirements for Germany Visa Photo Size

An important thing to remember is that both the photos you provide with the visa application form should be the same. Moreover, they should not be more than 6 months old. The following are the specifications of photographs that have to be submitted while applying for a Schengen Germany tourist visa.

Photo Size and Format

The photo should be 45 mm in height and 35 mm in width. The size should not be smaller or larger than this. Moreover, around 70-80% of the photo should be your face. The head size and position can be between 32 mm and 36 mm. Your entire face, right from the tip of the forehead to the chin and both sides should be visible in the picture. Your forehead or eyes should not be covered with hair or any hair accessory.

Face and Head

Your face should be at the center of the photograph. Moreover, it is important that you look straight at the camera. Photos with the person looking down or blinking or if the eyes are red will immediately be rejected. Avoid wearing sunglasses or tinted glasses. If you are wearing eyeglasses for the picture, ensure there are no flash reflections on the lens.

Any kind of head gear should also be avoided. Do not wear hats, caps, etc. while taking the photo. The exception to this rule is head gear used for religious reasons. Even in this case, your entire face, right from the forehead to the chin should be clearly visible.

Photo Requirements


The expression on your face should be a neutral one. Avoid smiling too much or even frowning in the visa photo. Moreover, your mouth should not be open. In other words, do not show your teeth or laugh in your visa photograph.


The preferred background for Germany or Schengen visa is neutral grey. It is best to avoid a background that is too colorful, shadowed, or patterned. It is preferred to have a plain neutral grey background that is not only bright but also gives the right contrast to your face and hair. If the background of your photo is anything other than neutral grey, it is likely to be rejected by visa officials.

Focus and Contrast

Another requirement for Germany visa photo is that it should have a sharp focus. In other words, your photo should not be too blurred or hazy. Applications with such photos directly go into the rejection pile. It is crucial to ensure that the photo is clear and sharp. There should be proper contrast as well. Make sure that the photo is not too light.

Photo Quality

The photographs you send with your Germany visa application should be colored. Moreover, it should be printed on high-quality paper, with at least a 600dpi print resolution. Ensure that the photo is not pixelated. Also, your natural skin tone should be reflected in the photo. There should not be any damage to the photo. Ensure that there are no tears or creases on the photo. Quality of the photograph might seem like a small detail but it is among the most common reasons for Germany visa rejection.


The Germany visa photograph should not be too light or too dark. Nor should it be partially light and partially dark. The brightness should be even or uniform all over the face. Make sure there are no reflections, shadows, or red eyes in the photo.

Germany Visa Photos Size for Children

The requirements should be followed for everyone above the age of 9 years applying for a Germany visa. However, for younger children, i.e., the kids below the age of 9, the rules are slightly different.

  • While the size of the photo will be the same, only 50-80% of the child’s face needs to be on the photo. The measurement of the face can be anywhere between 22 mm and 36 mm. This requirement is common for children of all ages, from 0-9 years.
  • Children under the age of 5 years need not have a neutral expression. They do not have to look directly at the camera as well. The heads need not have to be centered too.
  • In the case of babies under the age of 1 year, there is no compulsion that their eyes remain open. You can submit photos where their eyes remain closed.


People applying for a Germany tourist visa should follow the rules or specifications mentioned above. Remember that even a slight mistake can lead to the rejection of your Germany visa application. Hence, to ensure that your visa is approved and you enjoy a memorable holiday, you must submit all the documents, including the photographs, as per the requirement of Schengen or Germany visa officials. Get the help of a German visa consultant for hassle-free experience. They offer assistance not just regarding photo specifications but also offer guidance on when and where to apply for German tourist visa.

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