Top 10 Museums to Visit in Germany


Germany has been the home of many engineers, scientists, philosophers, musicians, artists, and inventors. Representing art, history, and the cultural past of Germany are the many distinctive museums to explore across the country. There are more than six thousand museums in Germany based on different themes. There is a museum for everything, whether you are interested in Renaissance art, modern paintings, technology or science, automobiles or beer, chocolates or perfumes, and many more to suit the taste of every kind of traveler. With a Germany tourist visa in place, do visit the top 10 museums in Germany.

1. Germanisches National Museum, Nurnberg

The Germanisches National Museum is the largest art and history museum in Germany. There are over twenty-five thousand extraordinary collections, ranging from the pre-historic era to the present time. Be amazed by exhibits of clothing, armor, painting, and sculptures as you explore the museum. Visitors can see hunting weapons from the Middle Ages and collections like music boxes from the 16th century. The other highlights include the cloth of Saint Gereon and masterpieces by Ernst Ludwig and Albrecht Duerer.

2. Mercedes Benz Museum, Stuttgart

Mercedes Benz Museum

The stunning building of the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart is a wonder in itself to admire. The lush exterior lights up the place with an ethereal aura. This museum consists of 9-floors with more than 160 automobiles and 1500 exhibits that are engaging, innovative, and luxurious. Witness the transition and growth of Mercedes Benz cars from the emergence of its very first post-apocalyptic car engine to the showcase of envisaging models. This museum feels like heaven for passionate riders, engineers, or people whose fantasy revolves around cars.

3. Deutsches Museum, Munich

Deutsches Museum

The Deutsches Museum or German Museum is the oldest and largest museum of science and technology frequented by locals and inspiring the young. Visiting this museum is one of the best things to do in Munich. There are 28 permanent exhibitions to explore and over 28000 artefacts on display in the museum. Visitors get to see the first submarine of the German Imperial Navy, put in service in 1906. A replica of Z3, the first programmable digital calculator by Berlin-born inventor Konrad Zuse. Some other highlights of the museum are the shipping exhibit (which comprises actual boats), the computer exhibit (which explains computing through interactive displays), and the miniature brick factory.

4. International Maritime Museum, Hamburg

 Maritime Museum Germany

The International Maritime Museum is the most eminent building in Hamburg and one of the best museums in Germany. For people interested in ships and boats, visiting the International Maritime Museum during your tour in Germany is a must. The museum houses private models of Peter Tamm, a German journalist and a zealous collector. His collections have given life to this museum. The museum has more than forty thousand collections like uniforms, model ships, construction plans, and maritime art to boast.

5. Museum Island, Berlin

Museum Island Berlin

Museum Island, situated on River Spree, is an ensemble of five museums built under different Prussian kings. It is located in Berlin, one of the most important cities to visit in Germany. The five museums on the island are the Altes Museum, the Neues Museum, the Pergamon Museum, the Bode Museum, and the Alte National Galerie. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with collections containing over six thousand years of art and history. Do not miss the famous bust of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti in the Neues Museum, the world’s most beautiful female sculpture, or admire the “Great Elector” in Bode Museum. Get goosebumps as you walk through the majestic Ishtar Gate with cobalt blue tiles and lion reliefs in the Pergamon Museum.

6. Beer and Oktoberfest Museum, Munich

Munich is one of the many countries that produce many kinds of beer and the art of brewing it. This museum has gathered a high reputation among beer-lovers since its opening in 2005. There are guided tours and beer tastings on offer. A wine steward will share some gripping facts about beer brewing, the art of pouring, the skill of pairing beer with food, and the different variations of beers. If you are not able to visit during the annual Oktoberfest celebrations, you can still experience the beer culture, enjoy a tipple along with traditional snacks, and take back souvenirs.

7 Natural History Museum, Berlin

Natural History Museum

Head to Natural History Museum in Berlin if interested in fossils, specimens, dinosaurs, and creepy crawlies. Over thirty million exhibits showcased in the museum track the evolution of life and biodiversity over millions of years, from the tiny trilobites to the terrifying T-rexes. The tallest mounted dinosaur skeleton in the world, a Brachiosaurus brancai; Bobby, the Gorilla; and Knut, the polar bear, are the top attractions in the museum. Explore the ‘wet collection’ that houses millions of animals preserved in alcohol. There are halls dedicated to minerals, cosmos, Earth and the Solar System, local birds, animals and insects.

8 Miniatur Wunderland, Hamburg

Miniatur Wunderland

The Miniatur Wunderland in the Speicherstadt district in Hamburg is a picturesque destination, offering a unique experience to visitors. The miniature funfair is the latest addition featuring eight sq mt of rides, food stalls, and lottery booths. It consists of 15400 meters of train tracks traversing through a beautiful backdrop with landscape models of Switzerland, the Alps, Austria, Italy, etc. Be awe-struck as you explore this wonderland with around two lakhs human figurines, more than a thousand train models, nine thousand car models, and forty-two planes across nine different sections.

9 Chocolate Museum Cologne, Cologne

Chocolate Museum

With its countless museums, bars, restaurants, and the world-famous UNESCO-listed cathedral, Cologne relics is one of the most famous museums in Germany. This museum is the largest chocolate museum in Germany, covering 4,000 square meters, and a paradise for every chocoholic. Between the nine exhibition areas, you will discover a massive 2,000 exhibits, including a 3-meter-high chocolate fountain into which you can dip a waffle. Apart from learning about the culture and history of the cocoa bean, treat your taste buds to sample a huge variety of fine chocolates, delicious pastries, and exclusive truffles. Drop into Grand Cafe and enjoy a variety of savory and sweet treats like cakes, waffles, salads, and crepes.

10 Museum of Contemporary History, Bonn

The Museum of Contemporary History, located in the city of Bonn, is spread across four thousand sq meters displaying the history of Germany from the end of World War II to the present times presented in chronological order. A visit to the museum will provide you with information with photographs, documents, film clips, and sound recordings about life during the Cold War. Experience the thrill of watching old commercials in a 1950s-style cinema or listening to rock n roll classics in a jukebox.

Besides spending your vacation observing the stunning monuments, visiting spectacular parks, and vibrant nightlife, being in awe of its thriving manufacturing sector, or eating delicious German cuisine, a German Visa allows learning more about Germans, their lifestyle, and their cultural past by exploring its enticing museums.

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