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Berlin is a popular spot for tourists both at home and abroad. For tourists on a Germany visa, the city offers endless possibilities to see tourist spots and also indulge in exciting activities. Whether you are on a short visit or have a plan in mind for a long haul, Berlin has something for tourists of all ages. Read on to know more about the top attractions in Berlin. Also, find out the things that you must do after arriving in the city.

Top Things to do in Germany for Tourists

Even if you plan your German holiday to include serene and scenic offbeat destinations like Insel Mainau at Lake Constance or the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, it is hard to ignore the city of Berlin. As is the case with most international tourists, you may also want to go sightseeing after arriving in Berlin. After all, it is a city in Germany that offers an overwhelming number of attractions. But it also equally offers exciting possibilities for those who wish to indulge in fun activities. Additionally, you can also be creative on your own. Don’t miss out on indulging in the below-mentioned activities after you arrive in Berlin.

1. Hire a Trabi and Drive around Berlin


For visitors, driving around Berlin is one of the top things to do in Germany. Once you arrive in Berlin, you can accomplish the task by taking a Trabi on rent. Trabi is a traditional car that symbolizes the bygone East Germany at the time of its separation. Taking a ride on a Trabi will give you an invaluable experience of visiting the capital city of Germany.

Trabis have a manual transmission option. Opt for it only if you are comfortable with driving cars that have this feature. And don’t forget to ask a guide to accompany you. With the services of a guide, you will be able to go to those places in Berlin that you must visit as a tourist. Following the instructions of a guide will help you save both your time and hassle.

2. Take a Free Walking Tour of Berlin

This option is ideal for those who wish to see Berlin as much as possible within a tight budget. On this kind of tour, a passionate guide will accompany you who will want to provide you with the best tourism experience. You can pay the guide after the tour if you are satisfied with the overall experience.

3. Explore the Reichstag Building

Explore the Reichstag Building

The Reichstag building is a historical site in Germany. Its glass dome houses the Parliament in Germany, which represents Berlin’s political transparency. If you wish to visit this place after landing in Berlin on a Germany tourist visa, make certain that you plan things in advance.

You don’t need to pay for buying any ticket to enter Reichstag Berlin. But it remains busy with several visitors, so don’t forget to come here early. This way, you can enter the building by avoiding crowds. Carrying a photo ID is mandatory for getting entry into the building.

For a guided tour, you can hire the services of a guide. It will help you explore the building in the best possible way. If you wish to receive additional services, such as breakfast, a combo tour would be ideal for you.

4. Visit the Site of the TV Tower Berlin for a 360-degree View of Berlin

tv-tower-360-degree View of Berlin

Berlin, the capital of Germany, looks beautiful with many tall buildings. Berlin TV tower stands out among them, as it is the tallest building in the city. You can buy a track ticket to climb it at 21.50€.

At TV Tower Berlin, you can dine as well as order your favorite cocktails. The Berlin TV Restaurant offers both these options along with the facility to book a table. You can either book a window seat at 24.50€ or one of the seats in the inner circle at 21.50€ based on your budget and needs. These booking options do not include the charges for food.

The best part about booking the window seat is that it lets you enjoy the stunning view of the city of Berlin. If you want discounted deals, you can also go for a combined ticket which includes a 3-course meal. If you do not mind spending more, you can also opt for a VIP fast access ticket to check out the stunning view of the sunset.

5. Click a Selfie at Check Point Charlie

Selfie at Check Point Charlie

In today’s era of social media, almost everyone has a smartphone. Berlin’s Check Point Charlie offers a stunning view for clicking selfies. In the past, people used this point to cross from West Germany to East Germany and vice versa. If you like clicking selfies, this is a must-visit place for you.

6. Find Out the Hidden Treasures in Berlin on a Bike

After entering Berlin as a tourist, you would want to visit as many tourist attractions as you can. Berlin has many hidden treasures in the form of tourist spots. It may not be possible for you to see the majority of them by walking. To reduce your time and effort in checking out the popular Berlin tourist attractions that are spread out across the city, you can consider taking a bike tour.

Renting a bike in Berlin is affordable. The general fee for it ranges between 8€ and 12€ per day. Most residents in Berlin prefer biking. Thus, hiring a bike is one of the best ways for you to get the feel of a Berliner while riding a bike the streets of the city.

7. Go to a Nightclub for Fun

Berlin Nightclub

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Berlin has an enthralling nightlife that is not just popular in Europe but also around the world. Whether you are a crazy clubber or a party animal, you can bank on the unique nightlife of the city to thrill you to the core. Some popular places to get the real feel of Berlin’s nightlife are Yaam Beach, Berghain, and Klunkerkranich. Check out the many exquisite night bars and lounges at some of the top luxury hotels in Germany if you are looking for something more chic and exclusive.


Berlin is a city that never ceases to amaze tourists with its unique tourist spots and activities. If you visit the city on a Germany tourist visa, do not forget to include the above things on your list of priorities for a memorable experience throughout your stay.

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