German Tourist and Visitor Visa Application From Dubai

German Tourist Visa

Germany is one of the best tourist destinations for travelers. The country has everything that makes it the most beautiful place worldwide with the picturesque landscape, scenic castles, and ancient architectural buildings. The German Immigration Authorization committees established a visa system for visitors who want to visit Germany for tourism purposes. Citizens of Dubai do not need a Germany visa, but if you are a resident of the UAE who belongs to a country with no visa waiver, you would have to apply for a Schengen visa. This is a form of visa offered to travelers for a short-term visit to Germany. In this blog, you will learn about the Schengen visa from Dubai to Germany and how you can apply for the visa. It will also answer several other Germany visa FAQs as well.

Who Can Apply for a Germany Tourist Visa from Dubai? 

If you want to apply for a German visa from Dubai, the first thing you have to check is whether you need to apply for a German tourist visa to enter the country or not. The purpose of traveling and your nationality are some of the key factors that determine whether you need a visa.

However, depending on the Schengen visa policies and rules, you need to find out whether you need a tourist visa to visit Germany or not.

Travelers Who Do Not Need Tourist Visa to Travel to Germany

The travelers who don’t need to have a tourist visa to visit Germany must fall under the given categories.

  • Individuals who live in the Schengen area do not need a visa. 
  • Citizens who belong to those countries where the government has established the visa-free policy with Schengen states don’t need visas and can travel directly.

Travelers Who Need Tourist Visa to Visit Germany 

Travelers who need the tourist visa/Schengen visa to visit Germany if they belong to third-world countries that:

  • Countries with no visa exemption agreements with the Schengen area need to have visas to visit Germany. 
  • If you are a UAE citizen whose Germany visa application was rejected before, then you would have to apply for the visa before visiting the country. 

What are the Requirements for a Germany Tourist Visa from Dubai? 

When you are applying for the Schengen visa from Dubai to Germany you need to submit some documents, which are as follows:

Valid Passport

The visitors who want to apply for the Germany tourist visa must have a valid passport.

Application Form 

You must have a duly-filled application form when applying for a Germany visa from Dubai

Proof of Accommodation 

Before providing the visa, the German embassy wants to check the accommodation proof while you are staying in Germany. In addition to this, you can submit the following proof, which is as follows:

  • Rent agreement 
  • Hotel booking 
  • Invitation letter from the person where you are staying. 

Two Recent Photos

The person applying for the visa must provide two passport size photos. The photos should be recent ones and in color.

Financial Proof 

The UAE citizen applying for the Germany tourist visa from Dubai must provide financial proof to show they can handle the expenditures while staying in Germany.

Health Insurance/ Travel Insurance 

When applying for a tourist visa for Germany from Dubai, you need to purchase health and travel insurance. The insurance must cover accidents, illness, and other repatriation that could happen while you are holidaying in Schengen areas. Moreover, the insurance must cover the amount of

Occupation Status 

The person applying for a Germany visa from Dubai needs to show his/her occupation status and the following documents:

  • A self-employed individual needs to show their business license 
  • Employed individuals need to show their employment contract and approval letters
  • Students need to show the enrolment certification and also no-objection certificates
  • Retired persons need to show their pension statements. 
  • The person applying for the visa also needs to show the purpose of traveling, such as tourism and work in Germany. 

Germany Tourist Visa Processing Time for Dubai Citizens 

Germany visa from dubai

The entire processing time of the tourist visa for Germany from Dubai may take more than 15 days. However, it also depends on the type of tourist visa you are applying for. The short-stay visa can be approved within 15 days if you meet all the requirements.  Nevertheless, the visa processing may take more than 12 weeks to approve. The official holidays and other parameters may be considered for the visa processing. This is why the process may take longer time than expected.

How Can the UAE Citizens Apply for a Germany Tourist Visa from Dubai? 

So, you get familiar with the documents required to apply for the Schengen visa from Dubai to Germany, now you can follow these steps to apply for the visa.

Type of Visa You Need   

Before you apply for a visa, make sure to check the Germany visa type you need. This helps to get approval faster.

Fill Application Form 

Filling out the application form correctly is the next step. There are two types of tourist visas from Dubai available to visit Germany. The first type of visa is a short-stay visa. The second type of visa is a long stay. Do ensure to fill in all the details carefully to avoid refusal. In addition to this, mention how long you want to stay in Germany.

Collect Documents 

Before you process the Germany tourist visa, do ensure to collect all the documents required for the visa process. Then, cross-check all the documents to avoid refusal chances and get your visa successfully.

Schedule Your Visa Appointment 

After filling out the form for the visa application, you need to schedule the visa appointment. You need to figure out when and where to apply for a Germany visa. Once this is done, book the appointment when you can visit the embassy to avoid time clashes. Here, you need to attend the visa interview.

Keep all the documents with you when you are going for the interview. Once you are done with the interview process, wait for the approval. It may take longer than expected, so keep patience and get a tourist visa to explore the European country of Germany.

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