Explore And Things To Do in Moselle Valley, Germany

Arial View of Moselle Valley

River Moselle, a 545 km long river, is the longest tributary of the River Rhine, forming a natural frontier between Germany and Luxembourg. It rises in France and traverses Luxembourg, flowing between Trier and Koblenz on a winding course. Moselle Valley in Germany provides enchanting scenery with lush green terraced vineyards, half-timbered houses, medieval villages, spectacular river promenades, splendid churches, and rolling hills with fairy tale castles. Moselle Valley attractions, which include the art nouveau architecture of Traben Trarbach and Bernkastel Keus, are spectacular.

How to Reach Moselle Valley

 Travel to Moselle Valley by train

The Moselle Valley is well connected by flight, train, or boat. The closest airport to Cochem is Frankfurt Hahn (25 km). Every village in Moselle is connected to the public railway, linking Trier to Koblenz. The cheapest way to get from Berlin, the German capital, is by bus.

How to Explore the Moselle Valley

The Moselle Valley can be explored in many ways. There are hiking trails to explore the beautiful castles of Germany. These trails suit all skill levels. Cycling paths that lead you from one village to another. Visitors can take part in many walking tours to explore the narrow streets of the quaint villages.

The Best Time to Visit

The peak season for tourists in Moselle is during the summer months, from July to October. The weather is pleasant with less rain and snow. The wine crop is green and mature; the towns are full of life; and the weather is perfect for biking or hiking.

Things to do in Moselle Valley

Explore Burg Reichsburg in Cochem

Burg Reichsburg in Cochem

Cochem is a populous town in the Cochem-Zell district. This city has beautiful half-timbered buildings with cobblestoned streets. Spend some time in Market Square with wine cellars and quirky shops bustling throughout the day. Arrive early to take photos of the 18th-century Town hall or the Saint Martin fountain. Overlooking the city of Cochem, atop a hill full of wine-producing grapes, is the Reichsburg Castle. This medieval castle, restored in the nineteenth century in the Neo-Gothic style, can be reached by taking a short trail. Enjoy the stunning view of the Moselle River Valley from the restaurant.

Hike the Moselsteig Trail

Hike the Moselsteig Trail

The Moselsteig Trail, the longest trail spanning 365 km, is the most diverse, challenging in its length, and very thrilling. The Moselsteig trail runs along the German from Perl on the German-Luxembourg-French border up to the confluence of Koblenz. The trail leads you through lush vineyards and dense forests along the slopes and banks of the river offering magnificent views.

Take a Mossel River Cruise

Mossel River Cruise

Moselle River is regarded as the peaceful sister of the River Rhine, and Moselle valley cruises are mostly done early during the day. The most popular ones are the ones that start from Koblenz, Trier, or Cochem. Experience the picturesque Moselle Valley landscape with vineyards, wineries, quaint towns, picture-perfect castles, and villages as you cruise along the meandering River Moselle with day trip excursions. The longest cruise is from Cochem to Koblenz. Boat cruises are available from April (or Easter that can fall on March) to October.

Love nature? We recommend visiting the Insel Mainau The Flower Island of Lake Constance.

Be in Awe of Burg Eltz Castle

Be in Awe of Burg Eltz Castle

No trip to Mossel is complete without a visit to the Burg Eltz. This 850-year-old castle, standing on a 70-meter-high rock amidst a thick forest, looks like a fairy tale dream. This castle is owned and cared for by the same family that lived here during the 12th century. Visitors can admire the eight-hundred-year-old furnishings, gold and silver in the treasury, 15th century Rodendorf Kitchen, and armory in Knight’s Hall. You can take the various trails to explore the castle like the ‘romantic’ short route (35 min) or the dream path (5 hr.) hike.

Marvel the Ancient Architecture of Tier

Marvel the Ancient Architecture of Tier

Tier is the oldest city which is home to eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, making it one of the unique historic destinations in Germany. The well-preserved Roman attractions worth visiting are Porta Nigra, a magnificent stone gate; Trier’s imperial baths, the Roman bridge, and the Amphitheater, where gladiator matches were held. There is also the Rheinisches Landesmuseum, the archeological museum, where you can see the largest Roman gold coins collection. At Aula Palatina, the Basilica of Constantine is another Roman site that should not be missed! It features Constantine’s outstanding throne in the Throne Room, which now hosts many events and concerts.

Walking the Medieval Streets of Bernkastel Kues

Bernkastel Kues Germany

Bernkastel Keus is one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Moselle Valley. This old town offers many sights, including the Gothic St. Michael’s Church standing on the banks of River Moselle, the castle ruins of Landshut, or the Spitzhauschen (pointed house). Built in 1416, this half-timbered building housing a wine bar is the oldest structure in Bernkastel. Begin your exploration from the marketplace with many cafes and charming shops, a seventeenth-century Town Hall, and an old pillory, where criminals were punished.

Indulge in Wine Tasting Session

Explore the wine cellars in Traben Trabach or sample Riesling in Berkastel. The best German White wine and Riesling are grown here in Moselle. The Riesling wine is bright yellow with a distinctive aroma of lime and honeydew. Wines in Moselle Valley are made from the Muller Thurgau grape variety, which accounts for 18 percent of the wine-growing area in Moselle. You have options to choose from, like Lieblich (sweet), Trocken (dry), Halbtrocken (half dry), and Fienherb (similar to Halbtrocken). There is no wine-tasting culture like in other regions. The wine tasting sessions are mostly set up for tourists.

Exploring the wineries, and sampling some exceptional wines, while interacting with locals are ways to understand the life of German people and their culture in this exceptional wine country. A Germany Visa is a must for travel to this country. A German tourist visa allows foreigners to visit this beautiful country which is an economic and cultural powerhouse.

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