The Best Places to See In The Spreewald Near Berlin


Germany is a beautiful country with fabulous landscapes, forests, rivers, mountains, and a rich history. During your tour of Germany with your Germany Visa, you may hear of Spreewald, a beautiful place to visit in Germany. Spreewald means forest along the river Spree. Your interest is piqued and you decide to visit this place that is famous for its gherkins.

From Berlin Central Station, travel by train for an hour and you reach Lübbenau. Lübbenau lies in the UNESCO Spreewald Biosphere Reserve. The biggest town in the Spreewald is Lübben. Spreewald is a wonderful place to explore via the many canals. Lehde is called the “Venice of the Spreewald”. As you tour Spreewald, the “green lung” of Brandenburg, discover an insight into the diverse culture the Sorbs brought with them to the Spreewald. Enjoy exploring the following places in Spreewald.

Explore Beautiful Places in Spreewald


Lübbenau is part of the Upper Spreewald-Lausitz district and lies in the Spreewald Biosphere Reserve. The port of Lubbenau is a good starting point for boat trips into the Spreewald. Go on a guided tour through the historical town, Lübbenau Castle (one of the beautiful castles in Germany), and the Castle Park. Stroll Lübbenau’s famous Gherkin Mile and sample their wares. The punt tours will introduce you in a traditional way across the waterways and take you to the picturesque villages of Lehde and Leipe.

Gurkenmuseum Lehde

This is a private museum opened by the Starick family that reveals the secrets behind the famous Spreewald pickles. Cucumbers have been one of its main local crops for centuries. The people who have inhabited the region, the Sorbs, placed great importance on the cucumber crop. The museum informs the visitors about the traditions associated with cucumber cultivation, processing, pickling tools, recipes, etc. You also get to sample the different pickles. Spreewald holds a gherkin festival every August where a Gherkin Queen is crowned.

Spreewald-Museum Lübbenau

Museum Schloss Lübben Germany

Take a step into the past through this regional museum set up like a historical department store. Find a grocery store, a bakery, a furrier, a shoemaker as well as a clothing store featuring traditional Sorb garb here. This part of the museum represents the century-old Spreewald city and the furnishings and store have an antiquated look. But the annex is a different story. It houses the locomotive and a passenger car of the Spreewaldbahn, a narrow-gauge train. The local villages that were earlier only accessible through the waterway became connected through the railway.

Haus für Mensch und Natur

The Spreewald Biosphere Reserve information centre is a museum in Lubbenau housed in an old school building. This center provides information on life in the biosphere reserve and how it originated. Visitors get to learn all about the region’s natural development and the incredible plant and animal diversity in this reserve. Wander through the information center and see the interesting exhibits.

Gherkin cycle path

One of the best ways to explore the Spreewald is on a bike. The Gherkin cycle path is a 260 km trail and enthusiasts ride through the Spreewald forest through the UNESCO biosphere reserve. Pass through and explore the pretty villages and interesting cultural sites, picturesque streams, and the traditional gherkin and vegetable fields. The bike path runs through three circular loops from Lubben. As most of the path is flat, it is suitable for most people. Sample gherkin pickles and other delicacies along the way.

Canals and waterways

Canals and waterways in spreewald

Experience the Venice of Germany in a canoe or kayak. Or take one of the historical punt tours on a wooden boat with tables and a paddle man. The waterways are exceptionally attractive with canopies of weeping willows, poplars, and birches. The beautiful sceneries of farms and fields enchant as you pass by. Of the 990 km of waterways, 540 km are navigable and connect communities. The waterways are part of the day-to-day life of the people in the Spreewald. It is one of the best places to visit in Germany and these waterways are a great way to explore the beauty of this place. 

Open Air Museum, Lehde

Freilandmuseum Lehde is an open-air museum in Lehde that is dedicated to life in the Spreewald. You can reach here in a kayak or just by walking down from Lubbenau.  Visitors are transported to the 19th century and get a glimpse of how life was a century ago. Explore original buildings from the early settlements. Children and adults enjoy experiencing a hay bed, washing clothes in the open, etc.  With plenty of exhibits and hands-on activities, you can easily spend 2-3 hours here and not be bored. You can also get souvenirs from the museum shop.

Museum Schloss Lübben

This is a museum in Lubbenau. It is in the most beautiful building in Lubbenau, a castle, the petite Schloss. It is a regional history museum dedicated to the history of the city. Famous exhibits here are the coat of arms hall with coats of arms of cities, aristocratic lords, and manors. Other interesting exhibits include a medieval treasure trove and grave finds from the Iron and Bronze Ages. A child-friendly place, it is fun to explore the castle and the exhibits. Then wander around the Schlossinsel, an artificial archipelago, and try out the maze here.

Leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city and forget the stress of everyday life. Let the beauty and the serenity of the un-spoilt countryside and waterways of Spreewald refresh and heal you.

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